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If you’re not having fun, neither are your students!

I can’t remember who said this but I really think it’s true, don’t you? iry and creating When I try to teach a dry, boring math lesson, it’s kind of awful for everyone. My goal in becoming the Math Fairy with this website is to offer some fun math for everyone. There are tons of great resources out there….games, books, activities, art projects….and many interesting problems for kids to solve. Hopefully, I’ll bring some of those great resources together here in one place. I hope you find something that will make teaching math fun today!

Why become the Math Fairy?

As we all are aware, mathematics continues to be a subject that America struggles with. We have a persistent achievement gap in math test scores amongst different ethnic, socioeconomic, and gender groups and we continue to lag behind other developed countries on standardized mathematics assessments. A lot of people have proposed a lot of reasons about why this happens. I have my opinion and here it is: in America we do not believe, as a culture, that mathematics is essential to success in life. I’m not saying that people don’t think math is important but pause for just a moment and think about the difference in emphasis that we place on reading versus math. We are all told to read to our kids every day, we have libraries filled with books that can be borrowed for free, we have literacy programs for adults, we have bookstores and e-readers and book fairs and books, books, books! Now, please know that I LOVE to read. It’s literally one of my most favorite things to do and I’m a voracious reader but IF we really want to be the best at mathematics and science and we really want all of our children to be successful in math, don’t we need to place the same emphasis on mathematics?

I envision a world where parents read to their kids every day and play math games or sing counting songs.

I envision a world where you can check out a math game at the library with the same ease that you can check out a book.

I envision a world where people give babies math toys and where we carry both a book in our bag and a math game.

I envision a world where our schools have Read-ins and Math-ins and an equal amount of time is given each and every day to reading and to math.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? Wouldn’t that change everything? I believe it would and I’m hoping to start by putting on my crown and introducing you to the world of the Math Fairy!

Have fun with math every day!