Teaching area of complex shapes

Today I saw the movie, The Martian. Unbelievable. I had read the book. I knew it was going to be good. But I don’t think I’ve ever been on such a math high before! If you are a math teacher, you are probably among the people in this world who can understand how completely amazing it is to see Math Damon, huge on the big screen, saying (something like), “You’re going to die. You can die or you can do the math. Just solve one problem and then solve the next one. Do the math.” I think he said, “Just do the math” like 6 times in that movie! So great! I think we may start having a Martian math problem of the week…. I’m getting ready to correct my quizzes for last week. I always correct quizzes over the weekend. Probably sounds sort of appalling to many people but Read More →