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The Story of Onemath movie

This film is a wonderful cross between history and mathematics, telling the story of the origin of human use of numbers. It’s quite an amazing story, told with funny scenes, animation and friendly narration by a familiar British actor. I love the magic inherent in the idea of exploring a world in which numbers begin to exist. Can you imagine a world without numbers? When they enter, it would be like a world without letters or colors… And when they are discovered the world instantly becomes a richer, more intense place to exist and explore.

There are so many things that could be done while or after watching this movie….let your imagination run wild….explore other numbers, binary systems, the history of π (pi), the history of computers… or just have a great time watching this fun and interesting film!

Between the Foldsorigami film

Wow! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a movie like this comes into your life! This film is a spectacular adventure! If you, like me, thought that origami was a simple children’s paper folding game, how wrong, like me, you will find yourself to be. Origami is a complex, amazing art form practiced all over the world. This film truly inspires and is literally magical. I encourage you to watch it and then start folding! My favorite origami to make is what I like to call the magic puff ball….you fold it and then gently blow into it to create a balloon or ball. It’s mathemagical!

This film is really appropriate for all ages if accompanied by paper and folding. By having the paper, instructions and folding happening while the movie is going, people of all ages can watch the parts of the film that work for them and then still be present via origami when the film becomes more adult in focus. Enjoy!