It probably seems silly ~ everyone knows how to play hopscotch, right? Well, the Math Fairy is thinking that maybe lots of kids today haven’t had a chance to play this super fun outdoor game. Hopscotch is a great math game because you have to organize the numbers in correct order, create a spatial framework for them to “live in” and you have to count forwards and backwards while playing!

Here are the official rules, then, and some examples of way far-out fantastically groovy hopscotch!

  1. Players should draw the court on the ground, usually with chalk.
  2. Each player has a marker, usually a common stone. The first player tosses his marker into the first square.
  3. If the marker toss is successful, the player hops through the court beginning at square one. Side by side squares are straddled, with the left foot landing in the left square and the right foot in the right square. Single squares must be hopped into on one foot. For the first single square, either foot may be used. Subsequent single squares must alternate feet.
  4. When the player reaches the end of the court, he turns around and hops back through the court, hopping through the squares in reverse order and stopping to pick up his marker on the way back.
  5. After successfully making it through, on his/her next turn the player continues by tossing his marker into square two and continuing in a similar fashion.
  6. If, while hopping through the court in either direction, the player steps on a line, misses a square, or loses his balance and falls, his turn ends. She does not get credit for completing the current sequence and must start that sequence again on her next turn. First player to complete one course for every numbered square on the court wins.
  7. Basically, toss your marker, hop around it to the end, turn around and hop back, picking your marker up along the way. If you mess up, start over! If you make it, toss your marker to the second square. It’s an easy game to think about but a bit trickier to manage while hopping on one foot!

P.S.You will need some kind of chalk to draw your hopscotch.

circular hopscotch hopscotch


Have fun with math every day!