LightbotTalk about the ultimate confluence of math, patterns and fun and you have coding! (Also known as software programing.) The Math Fairy and her friends have been having A LOT of fun recently exploring coding online. And the options for kids
to explore coding online are really exploding! There is, of course, a lot to learn and each site has its own perspective or focus. My friends and I recommend trying out different sites and exploring several activities on each site so that you can really get an idea. I’ve decided to challenge myself, too, to have fun with the sites that really click for me but also to challenge myself to exploring the coding sites that are harder for me.

As you’re exploring coding, look for patterns. I was surprised, although I shouldn’t have been because we know that patterns are everywhere, that patterns are so embedded in programing. What I call “patterns” might more correctly be called “loops” in programing, although I’m still a novice so there might be a more accurate term. I was excited to learn that I could create a set of commands and then make it into a loop so that I didn’t have to re-do that group of commands every time I wanted to do the same thing. So cool and mathmagical!

Here are our current favorite sites. I wonder which you will like best and what else you can find?

Some more fun things to think about and try with coding are starting an after school club at your school, such as Girls Who Code,, or just hosting an “hour of code”. Starting off your club meeting or your fun hour of code activity with a cool video from or other coding websites is a great way to get everyone excited about the possibilities of coding!

Have fun with math every day!