forkidsHello! Are you ready to have some fun?! You might be looking for something new, you might be wondering how it is possible for math and fun to go together, or you might even be looking at this website because your parents are making you. It really doesn’t matter because no matter what, I think and hope that you will find something new and fun here. Try a game, make an art project, beat your parents at Pico, Fermi, Bagels,  or look for an interesting movie or book at your local library. I can guarantee you that if you just give it a chance, math can really be an adventure! If you already know how fun math can be, hopefully you’ll find something new on these pages. If you make something cool, send it to the math fairy. We’ll start a gallery of all your beautiful mathematical art!

Have fun with math every day!

Magically yours,

The Math Fairy