Welcome to the Math Fairy!

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m the Math Fairy…the spirit of those who are curious and excited to explore the world of mathematics. My hope is that you will find ideas here that will inspire you to have fun with mathematics every day.

For many people in the world, the word “mathematics” or “math” or even “maths” means the same as calculation. People believe that they are not good at math or that math is not for them if they did not find adding and multiplying easy. You know, math is just for those people who always win that game at school, Around the World.  But, frankly, that’s just silly. That’s like saying that reading is only about the abc’s and phonics. We all know, though, that reading is about understanding words and stories and ideas, that reading is about beauty and magic and answering questions. Well, so is math!

Hundreds of years ago, a very famously curious man, Galileo, wrote, “Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.”  I, the Math Fairy, am certain that he was right because every day I am astonished by the magic of math in the world around me. And I know for sure, that if mathematics is the language of our world, then we are all more than capable of understanding that language.

So, play a game, watch a fantastic math movie, create a beautiful art project and tell me about it! I want to hear about how you are having fun with math every day!

Magically yours,

The Math Fairy